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With you can find detailed analysis of the tactics used by many of the top European football clubs such as Arsenal, Juventus, Athletic Bilbao, Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Napoli and more…..

This tactical analysis concerns every possible phase of play in the defensive phase, the attacking phase, the negative transitions and the positive transitions; everything is explained using clear diagrams and detailed assessments.

In our study of the attacking phase, the analysis indicates the most frequently used combinations by each team and their players. These combinations (such as overlaps, cuts, give and goes etc) take place during the build-up play, either when the team attacks down the flanks or through the centre of the field. In addition to this, we show how these combinations are used during game situations so the team can create and exploit space, outnumber the opposition in specific areas of the field or to finally break down the opposition’s defence and score goals.

In our study of the defensive phase, the analysis provides information about how top European teams defend against different opposition who use various formations. Zonal defending is used by top European teams in order to prevent the opposition from scoring goals. However, this way of defending can be used in an aggressive way (pressing near to the opposition’s penalty area) or in a passive way, by waiting for the opposition to enter into a specific zone of the field (the midfield third or defensive third).

The negative transition phase has a lot to do with how a team manages to retain its balance during the attacking phase, so they are able to prepare a successful transition from attack to defence. The website’s analysis seeks to provide all the necessary information about how a team’s balance is maintained during the attacking phase, which player will put immediate pressure on the ball if the possession is lost (the safety player) and the main aim of the team after losing possession. This will all be in relation to the specific tactical situation and the team’s style of play.

The positive transition is a phase of play which depends a lot on the way the team carries out the defensive phase. The way the positive transition is carried out depends on the zone where the ball is intercepted (away or near to the opposition’s penalty area) as well as the tactical situation arising on the field when the possession is regained (whether there are few or many opposition players above the line of the ball). The analysis of this specific phase will give coaches the opportunity to learn how top teams counter-attack when they regain possession.

Furthermore, the analysis is accompanied by several complete training sessions which include drills designed to help coaches to train their teams to apply these tactics successfully.

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