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 The following project provides you several ways of how to build up successfully from the back using the 4-4-2 formation against a team that uses the same formation. For a successful build up play our team has to create superiority in numbers in certain areas of the field. The first aim is to create a numbers up situation deeper in the field and around the box against the opposing forwards. By this action our GK can find a free pass to one of the players who are placed outside the box. The second aim is the creation of superiority in numbers in certain areas of the field such as near the side lines or in some of the cases in the centre of the field. If our team is able to take advantage of this situation and find (pass the ball to) the free (spare) player, this player can move forward with the ball or make a pass completely unmarked. This means that there are many chances for a successful attack to be developed. In the analysis given you are able to see how the situations of superiority in numbers can be created as well as all the possible combinations which can be used by our players in order to find the free player. Furthermore during the analysis you can find several training practices which have been created in a progressive way and will help you train your team to use successfully the analyzed tactics.

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