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Real Madrid Defending Sessions

Real Madrid

The following project contains tactical exercises that have been formulated from the tactical
situations which are presented in the book Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid a tactical analysis:
Defending (the book is sold by soccertutor.com).
The project’s aim is to provide training sessions for several tactical situations during the
defensive phase the way it was carried out by Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid.
Specifically there are 13 tactical situations and there is a training session for each one of
them. The total is 40 quality defending practices.
The 13 training sessions are:
1. No risky goalside marking
2. Transition from a close to an open ball situation (taking up the appropriate position to
retain an advantage in a potential long ball)
3. Transition from an open to a close ball situation
4. Defending near the side of the penalty area
5. Defending near the sideline and close to the penalty area
6. Collaboration of the fullback with the winger and the defensive midfielder
7. Balanced or goalside position of the winger
8. Pressing (creating a strong side and making play predictable)
9. Pressing (forcing the ball towards the centre, preventing the pass to the fullback)
10. Defending on the weak side
11. Defending when pressing wasn’t possible after a switch of play towards the centre back
12. Defending when pressing application wasn’t possible after a switch of play towards the
13. Negative transition near the sidelines
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